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August 26, 2017

As many of you are aware, we are looking for a new drummer.   These are some crazy fuckin' tough shoes to fill.   Dylan Nantais has been part of the Crone of War family since the beginning and beyond back into our Kronawar days.   He is not only a phenomenal drummer but also our friend and brother.   He has chosen to move in a different direction in his life and we wish him the best, especially in any musical endeavors in which he may choose to venture.  

Dylan not only played with finesse and a style I'd never heard before but, he also wasn't your typical drummer that would lock with the ba...

June 26, 2017

It's been a while since I wrote one of these... Since then, many things have happened.   Not your typical band stories like we replaced the bass player, guitar player, drummer and vocalist type bull shit, but family stuff & writing.   The biggest news we have is Joe got a haircut!  

It seems we've disappeared from the front lines, but for any of you that know us, this was on purpose.   The writing for our upcoming sophomore release, "A Murder of Crows" has taken precedence over our souls.   We are looking to hit thirteen songs for this release.

We currently have ten wicked new Crone songs that we are excited to...

September 9, 2016

You don't realise what kind of bond you have with your band mates till you take them on the road.   You jam with them twice a week in a dungeon like green room. you play shows with them all over the bloody city of Sudbury, but you never get to have those "intimate close moments"  

....until now......   

That's where ROAD TRIPS come into play!   Take your band on the road, visit local dance bars like the King George in New Liskeard and see if you can shock the hip-hoppers and teach them how to mosh to your Crone of War hits, Visit a Hempfest in the remote regions of Kapuskasing in a wee town called Moonbeam where...

June 11, 2016

If any of you have ever wonderedand perhaps have not done a Google search on who the Crone of War is, here is our interpretation of her.

The Morrigan had many names and many forms being a shapeshifter and all. We, of course,are currently using an emblem based on only one of her forms, the crow. She was also, in her Irish glory, known to sport other forms, Obviously the Crone (old hag)being one of them, but also, the wolf, the eel and a cow... Hmmmm... and last but not least, a beautiful undeniably gorgeous


We think she'spretty sick (insert random 80's term meaning cool)and we all love our steak and women at the...

January 9, 2016

          Here we are in 2016.   We began this insane madness nearly one year ago...  Accomplishments...?   Many!   Joe Greco and I started this fiasco with touring the city of Sudbury, Ontario (Canada) trying to get gigs on a chilly, -30 Celcius, Saturday evening in early January 2015.   Where was our drummer, Dylan Nantais,  that day you ask?   He's an attractive young man, so he was probably sourrounded by women so we don't blame him for not being around.  We live vicariously through his sexual magnetism.... ahem.

      Sorry... back to th...

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