The Morrigan, Crone of War

June 11, 2016

If any of you have ever wondered and perhaps have not done a Google search on who the Crone of War is, here is our interpretation of her.   


The Morrigan had many names and many forms being a shapeshifter and all.   We, of course, are currently using an emblem based on only one of her forms, the crow.   She was also, in her Irish glory, known to sport other forms, Obviously the Crone (old hag) being one of them, but also, the wolf, the eel and a cow...  Hmmmm... and last but not least, a beautiful undeniably gorgeous


We think she's pretty sick (insert random 80's term meaning cool) and we all love our steak and women at the same time.   Isn't there a celebration day once a year based on this sort of thing (March 14th)?


In crow form, she had many of her most memorable moments.  Upon the battlefields of old, she would survey the dead and bring their souls back to her womb to be reborn again as warriors of the future.   Pretty cool chick if you ask me.   She also plucked out the eyes of her ex-lover to prove he was dead to wreck havoc on the morale of his faithful troops during battle.   Awesome!  Who doesn't love blood and gore!


She also had a great deal to do with sex, but when her target would not concede, she became the most sinister bitch that ever walked (flew, trampled, swam, slithered etc) the earth... and perhaps the afterlife.


So all in all, you're dealing with a sexy, bloodwrenching, shapeshifting, mix of luscious metal.   Thus is Crone of War.     Maybe not in person, but musically...   We can get pretty frightful sometimes with sweat pouring out of our pores, delivering delectable doses of heavy metal riffage in dark damp dank dirty places like Sudbury's The Asylum (Insert chant of "Fuck Yeah!" here).  Maybe these boys should shower more often you say?   Well in our defence, we do step on stage fresh-smelling and clean, the end product, maybe not-so-fresh..   


Back to Miss Morrigan....  In the many images depicted of her over the years, this goddess has caught my eye and been a cool dark inspiration lyrically and musical.   To quote our own song, Mother Maiden Crone.....


Cry to the Hills and Lakes and Rivers, Cry to the Valleys, Woods and Plains.

She washed the blood from off your armour, Soon you’ll die in suffering and pain.


Summer without flower, Women without virtue

Men without valour, Captures without Kings

Son deceive Father, Daughter deceive Mother

Burn your own ships, No chance to recover


Hear the banshees sorrow, She sets to sky upon wing

Spill the blood of the Fomori, And forever she shall sing

Command the tides of battle, Watch the enemy cower

Drink the blood of their hearts, Eat the kidneys of their valour.


Morrigan gathers the souls of the dead, Returning warriors back to her womb

I do not see a place that is dear to me, This world has become nothing but a tomb


 Stay tuned for Crone of War's sophomore release, "A Murder of Crows" which will contain the epic Mother Maiden Crone .   I'd present you with a date, but our number two fan, Remi, will get mad at me if were late with it.  


So all in all, if you like us, share this website with your friends, family and your enemy's of course, which in turn will fund that follow up record we're all dreaming about!



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