A Farewell to Dylan...

August 26, 2017

As many of you are aware, we are looking for a new drummer.   These are some crazy fuckin' tough shoes to fill.   Dylan Nantais has been part of the Crone of War family since the beginning and beyond back into our Kronawar days.   He is not only a phenomenal drummer but also our friend and brother.   He has chosen to move in a different direction in his life and we wish him the best, especially in any musical endeavors in which he may choose to venture.  


Dylan not only played with finesse and a style I'd never heard before but, he also wasn't your typical drummer that would lock with the bass player and hold the groove, he locked more with guitar players and liked to stand out in the forefront.   I do believe this was a prerequisite to all members of Crone of War but this truly is what made our sound, the three of us really stood out.


I recall the early days when we wrote Scapegoat and he asked me what the 8 beats were that needed filling in the middle of the song...   When I told him it was for a drum fill, he blew me away and pulled my favourite "Nantais" fill out of his ass in less time than I had to say "Holy Fuck"!   For this I say thanks for your spontaneity.  Dylan and I had the beginning of Daphnea's Remains as a bass and drum piece for about a year before we convinced Joe it was worthy and for that I say thank's for your persistence.  Dylan knew when to hold my progressive "Rush-like"  tendencies at a stand still and create a hit such as Dogma.   Originally I had the song stretching into Never Never Land and back to Mars.   He kept it grounded and helped turn it into a hit and for that I say thanks for your back bone.  Most of all I say thanks for the friendship.   From the first day we met when we were hiding a certain something burning in our hands while running from the front of the house to the back attempting to avoid small children, to the Farewell Party in your honor where we witness your face get smashed into the cake that read "Goodbye Dylan, Never really liked you anyway".  You are going to be missed more than you may ever know.


Recently we took a 19 hours road trip with your band mates and a couple of extra's (Christian and Momma Crone).   Dylan and Joe's collaborative antics and the discovery of Moose Cereal will always & forever hold a place in our hearts and those of the Red Lakians we met on that particular journey.   The swamp donkey's we dodged, the cramped quarters of a 2005 Chevy Silverado Extended Cab where the back seaters snuggled and the hotel room we shared watching Judge Judy re-runs waiting for the next show.   These are the great memories I will cherish and  look back upon as a major part of Crone of War's history.  


At this time we move onto a new chapter and the second inception of Crone of War.   Dylan, thanks for helping create these heavy as fuck, magical twenty songs and making them go down in Crone of War history....


1 Betrayal, 2 Dead Men, 3 Dogma, 4 Scapegoat, 5 Quietus, 6 Risen From the Ash, 7 The Vessel, 8 Enemy Within, 9 The Pale Rider, 10 End of the Kings, 11 The Pessimist, 12 Envy the Dead, 13 A Memory of Light, 14 Daphnea's Remains, 15 Soil in my Ears, 16 Dead in the Crush, 17 Mother Maiden Crone, 18 Ars Moriendi, 19 The Prophet ...and last but not least....  20 Burn the Martyr.... The last song we ever wrote together as Joe, Craig and Dylan.   


For those interested in filling Dylan's shoes....  Your prerequisites are as follows....


-Must be hyper as fuck especially on drums

-Must wear Ankles socks (to torment Joe)

-Must wear black shirts or Momma Crone will dress you porperly

-Must be able to argue and fight and still play a show (Slow Down, Sump Pump & Staples)

-Must be able to put up with the collectives gases created by Joe and myself.... Sorry in advance.

-Must be willing to accept Momma Crone as your new Mother and Savior as she will more than likely take over the roles whether you like it or not.

-Must also know who the other two people are in the picture below.

-Lastly....  Be yourself and have fun....  This is what it's all about, remember?



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